Fun with Flowers Drop-In Session "Let's Capture Spring" 2 March 2020

Our second 'Fun with Flowers' Drop-In Session was again well attended with 13 ladies participating keen to learn about space and, in particular, how enclosing space can draw your focus to the flower arrangement.  A structure was needed to form the enclosed space and this was made out of willow or pussy willow.  Flowers were arranged at the base and in some cases tulips were manipulated around the structure to give an alternative arrangement.  A pleasing variety of arrangements were made which can be viewed below.

A very pleasurable afternoon was spent playing with flowers in a friendly atmosphere with a cup of tea and plenty of chatter.

The next Drop-In Session will be held on Monday 6th April at the Willis Hall, Church Crookham.  There is no need to book and the cost is Members £5 and Visitors £7.  Please click here for the programme details.