Christmas Tree Festival, December 2021

‘Second Time Around’

The Club has once again supported the Christmas Tree Festival held at St Philip and St James over the weekend of Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th December.

The floral team consisted of: Bernice Blandford, Sue Gibbons, Jan Moore and Penny Webster.  Their idea was to produce a contemporary view of a Christmas tree recycling the cubes used for the Winchester Cathedral Flower Festival back in September and hence the title 'Second Time Around'.

At the Flower Festival the willow cubes were used in a very large hanging design made up of 270 20cm cubes and 90 12cm cubes.  As the cubes had been painted green and the wire and glue fixings were still holding firm, it was thought to use them to form a contemporary Christmas tree.

The smaller sized cubes were mainly used for the tree structure which was built up around a few of the larger ones in the centre and all cable tied together.  The contemporary look was completed by having lights following the straight lines of the cubes.  For the decoration, small dried sprayed fungi finished with a bead were placed on cube points.  Any baubles used have been again placed on the points and not used in the traditional manner.

Please see below our 'Second Time Around' Christmas Tree.

The Club was delighted to be awarded first place in our category for Groups, Businesses and Organisations.

The event was very successful with plenty of visitors who enjoyed viewing all the splendid Christmas Tree exhibits.