Club Practice Evening 15 August 2019 - 'Corsages'

Tonight's practice evening was to make a modern corsage.  Sue Gibbons, our Chairman, ably assisted by Penny Webster demonstrated using a triangular frame made up in advance for all members to use.  The frame was decorated using mesh of bullion wire and then with a corsage pin in place decorated with strings of pearls and matchsticks.  A small amount of foliage and a few flowers were then glued onto the framework to complete.

It was wonderful to see the hall buzzing with chatter and plenty of coffee and tea as members worked on their corsages.  A new member said that she found the activity very absorbing and therapeutic and also remarked how friendly she found the Club.

Some of the members wore their corsages home which was lovely to see and everyone seemed to enjoy this new activity.

Here are some photos of the corsages: