Fun with Flowers Drop-In Session "Manic Mechanics" 3 February 2020

Our first 'Fun with Flowers' Drop-In Session was very well attended with 17 ladies participating, 13 members and 4 visitors, all keen to learn more about mechanics used in flower arranging.  NAFAS are encouraging flower arrangers to use less oasis in their mechanics as it is not environmentally friendly so the session focused on the use of pin holders and chicken wire.  Some of those attending had used pin holders and chicken wire before oasis was available but the rest were new to these mechanics and found it, at times, challenging!  However, there was plenty of help on hand to assist with cutting the chicken wire and manipulating it to fit the various vases and containers.  The hall was filled with the beautiful smell of fresh, spring flowers and the arrangements produced were all different.

A very pleasurable afternoon was spent playing with flowers in a friendly atmosphere with a cup of tea and plenty of chatter.

The next Drop-In Session will be held on Monday 2nd March at the Willis Hall, Church Crookham.  There is no need to book and the cost is Members £5 and Visitors £7.  Please click here for the programme details.

Please see below some of the arrangements produced during the afternoon: